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Hi! My name is Krispin. Krispin means curly haired and yes I am. The handsome shaggy dog with me is Boomer. I was born in Boston, MA in 1946, and adopted 6 months later by my two wonderful, loving, parents. We moved to spend my grade school and high school years in the mid-west, just outside of Chicago in Aurora, Ill.

Krispin and Boomer

I am a Clinical Nutrition researcher and educator, writing, teaching, and consulting from Incline Village, NV, my new home after almost 40 years in the San Francisco/North Bay/ Marin Country area.

I have been practicing and teaching Clinical Nutrition since 1968. In 1988 I received certification and licensing from the National Institute of Nutrition Education. My certification license is renewed yearly through continuing education programs. I am also licensed by the State of California to teach nutrition in California post-secondary schools and once settled, hope to continue teaching locally in my new home, Incline Village, NV. I work individually with clients nationally and internationally by phone, fax, mail and email as well as consulting to physicians and the supplement industry..

I began my education in nutrition during the sixties at the University of Vermont. (What we learned then is so far from what we know now it's embarrassing.) I have continued to study: biochemistry, psychology, exercise physiology, biofeedback, biochemical effects of child abuse; nutrition and its role in degenerative disease; toxicology, parasitology; effects and side effects of the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs including nutrient deficiencies caused by prescription drugs; chemotherapy and radiation; nutrition and the media; nutrition and government, nutrition policies and economics; and the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of supplements.

I am a frequent lecturer at post-secondary schools, colleges, community centers, hospitals, and medical centers. In 2009 I added the study of microbiology to my resume, in particular the study of the microbial inhabitants of humans and in November 2010 began to explore the subcellular biochemistry of vitamin C (more soon).

I am also something of a computer nut. I built (am chronically building) my own system and it is just the way I like it (until the next upgrade), lots of memory, hard drive space and speed. My son and I compete in this at times. :) I love the internet and spend a lot of time online doing research in my field. I am constantly pushing for more knowledge, about everything. I try to use what I learn to simplify things instead of making things more complicated- for myself and for my clients.

I finished my first book, Naked at Noon, Understanding The Importance of Sunlight and Vitamin D in 2002 (see info at http://sunlightd.org) and I am working on my second book about fertility, pregnancy, nursing, and nutrition.

James and Carmen San DiegoMy almost 12 year old wonderful, loving, beautiful, elegant, brilliant, black Giant Schnauzer , Carmen San Diego (picture on your left in 2002 with my grandson James), diBoomered in May, 2003. A new puppy, of whom Carmen would resoundingly approve, came to live with me in July of that year. His name is Boomer, to your right, and he is an AKC Dutch Bouvier des Flandres. Boomer is currently trained for social service, visiting hospitals, veterans, and seniors. He is in the picture at the top with me and here to your right, relaxing in the country. He is a BIG dog, big eyes, big hair, big body, big brain, and big heart. Boomer

Boomer passed July 4, 2013. My new pup is Bruges, now six months old and 70 lbs.Bishop and Bruges

And my greatest blessing of all- I have two mostly grown, dearly loved children who sometimes remember to take their vitamins.

PS: My mostly grown children 'checked out' my page and suggested I tell you about them too (Since I named the animals and all).
Bridgett and JamesIn 2000 my youngest, daughter Bridgett, with first born James on your left, finished her final year at Dominican College in San Rafael, CA., got married to the guy she loved best (see below), her high school sweetheart, and gave me a grandson. She PLANNED it this way!!! An energetic mom of three healthy, bright and very active boys, Bridgett is a tall, delightful, strong willed, beautiful, smart young thing who astounds me on a regular basis with her energy and insights. She never believes 'it can't be done'. On occasion she 'scares me silly' proving her point. She often makes me laugh with joy.
She received her B.A. in psychology, and then in 2010 her ACE Personal Trainer Cerification. James Leland is pictured in a towel with his mom when he was much younger (he's 12 this year). Bridgett, who grew up riding at Dickson Ranch in Woodacre, CA, started riding again in 2002 letting me watch over James Leland, as I lived near the ranch. (She gave up riding for boys some time during puberty.) More recently Bridgett has once again stopped riding to ride herd on the boys. Between school, tumbling,Bridgett and Genius with James various team sports, snowboarding and such, horses have once again drifted to the edges of her life.
2013 Bridgett is working as a Certified Personal Trainer in Novato and Corte Madera, CA. Her facebook page shows support for her clients and followers. Besides boot camps and daily classes her clients (and family) attend numerous 'mudders' throughout the region including Tough Mudders in the Tahoe area. She was recently pictured, in muddy pink tutu, in the SFGate

James at 1James, grandbaby number 1, at one in a Corona box. He is also in the picture above at age two sharing water with Carmen San Diego at the ranch.

James Leland, weighing in at 10 lb 12 oz at birth, is now 10 years old. He excels in La Crosse, soccer, football, mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding, and softball. He originally crowned me 'gammy', a most favored position.

Riley Justus at birth

Riley Justus, AKA, Buddha Baby, born in December of 2003 weighed in at just over 10 pounds. James Leland wasn't too sure about the sharing thing yet but did very much love his new baby brother...and in 2006 grandchild number three arrived Aug. 18.
RileyHere he is ready to go at 3 months.
It turns out having a brother (or two) has suited James just fine. Baby Bishop, almost 2, walks Boomer. ** Bishop and Boomer **
** Ryan **
To your left the boys father, Ryan G. is a brilliant computer technology troubleshooter for a local company. He is quite well-known for his barbecue parties and friendly poker games.

My son, Elden, below, to your right, reading with King Louis, my now passed Bluepoint Siamese. Elden is a computer genius type, 6'2", good looking, happily married (see next) and a truly nice guy. He writes computer programs for a living, currently for Lyris and we compete (mentioned above), just a little, re our computers. He is the philosopher of the family and loves midnight conversations. He makes me think, really think. He challenges words, thoughts, concepts. I love his challenges, however inconvenient his timing, because his questions always make me grow. Elden and Louie

Elden's wife is Zsuzsanna Major from Hungary by way of Canada and finally the US. They met on the job in Pasadena, CA in April of 2001 and married June 8, 2004. They have a great flat in Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA.

I am still discovering the many gifts and talents Zsuzsanna brings to our family. So far these include great home decorating skills, the best (and only) tennis player in the family, a skilled office manager (her employers are lucky to have her), the ability to knit (and share) beautiful winter scarves and make and share beautiful handmade bags, cooking great Hungarian dishes and, most important, she makes my son very happy (and I think it goes the other way too).

Below: Zsuzsu and Zsuzsu with Elden.

ZsuElden and Zsu

OK, I'm done now. Kids, you are on the net and on the page and always in my heart.

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